What time of year are walnuts ripe?

Answer walnuts are really bout summer time Answer Usually they split open to reveal the nut in late autumn.

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When are English walnuts ripe?

English walnuts are ripe when they fall from the tree and their outer shells begin to crack open. Once the walnuts have fallen, they should be gathered up and stored in a dry area, such as a paper... Read More »

Do unshelled walnuts have the same benefits as shelled walnuts?

One assumes that the nutritional value is the same because you don't consume the shell. As long as you keep it in an airtight container, the walnut will not go stale. Because of the high quantities... Read More »

Do walnut trees grow walnuts every year?

Yes, they do but this depends a little on the variety and how the tree is managed. They tend to bear more heavily on alternate years, but this can be helped by thinning the crop quite a lot in the ... Read More »

What time of year is the right time to trim an out-of-control bush?

You should keep it trimmed up so that there's always unobstructed access.You really don't want him getting a branch in the face. There's nothing more irritating than having a leaf caught in the bac... Read More »