What time is too early to start drinking in the day?

Answer Its 5 oclock somewhere you wicked drunk!

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Its 7:15 am . is it too early to start drinking?

no it is never too early for a coctail ,as a matter of fact i will join you doll,have a great day!

What is an acceptable time of the day to start drinking?

when you get up with your curlers in and take in the mail

What time of the day is it acceptable to start drinking alcohol without being considered an alcoholic?

That's a tough one. Lots of people drink when attending sporting events (or watching them on TV). What do you do if you're watching some sporting event in another country at 8:00 AM? Will you be... Read More »

Do you think I have a drinking problem It's a rare day that I don't start at lunch time.?

No but drinking might have a problem for you as it will eventually cause damage, what strength is the stuff you drink? I reckon its common sense if you feel ill then it would be more of a danger bu... Read More »