What time is the midnight buffet?

Answer 3 in the afternoon

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What time is it in Iowa when its midnight in military time?

2400 hours. Military time isn't based on a single time zone, but utilises the same time zone in which operations are being conducted. AnswerMidnight is 0000 hours, NOT 2400 hours! And the US seems ... Read More »

What time should we go to a chinese buffet?

If you went before 4:00, you'd probably pay lunch prices, but there would be fewer dishes to choose from. Dinner prices, and the complete buffet menu, usually start about 5:00.

What time should you get to Apple Store on June 24th in hopes to get an iphone 4 Is midnight to late?

Midnight is wayyyyyy to late. By that time, the line will probably be around the block! Get there a lot earlier. Like, a few days or so.

Is Godfather's Pizza buffet good How does it compare to Cici's buffet?

Well, it couldn't possibly be worse.Could it?