What time is the midnight buffet?

Answer 3 in the afternoon

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What time is it in Iowa when its midnight in military time?

2400 hours. Military time isn't based on a single time zone, but utilises the same time zone in which operations are being conducted. AnswerMidnight is 0000 hours, NOT 2400 hours! And the US seems ... Read More »

What time should we go to a chinese buffet?

If you went before 4:00, you'd probably pay lunch prices, but there would be fewer dishes to choose from. Dinner prices, and the complete buffet menu, usually start about 5:00.

Is Godfather's Pizza buffet good How does it compare to Cici's buffet?

Well, it couldn't possibly be worse.Could it?

What time should you get to Apple Store on June 24th in hopes to get an iphone 4 Is midnight to late?

Midnight is wayyyyyy to late. By that time, the line will probably be around the block! Get there a lot earlier. Like, a few days or so.