Who sang last night at the ESPN football game with the Colts... during the introduction to the game. She was blond and dressed in black?

Answer Answer Kelly Clarkson sang "Never Again" from Indianapolis' Monument Circle, which was followed by a live performance at the RCA Dome by Indiana native John Mellencamp who belted out his timeless ... Read More »

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What channel is the Colts vs Jaguars game coming on for dish network?

How do i get rid of a big pimple before tommorrow?

Putting toothpaste on it can burn your skin if you have sensitive skin.Hold ice over the zit for AT LEAST 10 minutes, this freezes the pores closed forcing out the oil and dirt. The trick here is a... Read More »

Anyone know how i can pass a urine test tommorrow?

If you are really worried about testing positive, you can go to your local smoke shop and purchase a detox drink for under $25.00. These are safe and effective. In all honesty, your test should be ... Read More »

What colour should I paint my nails tommorrow?

The fashion trends right now are heading towards deep purple, dark blue and mauve. With your eyes and skin tone I reccomend a dark purple or deep blue, nothing too bright. It would look great with ... Read More »