I just got my period today for the first time im 12, help please!?

Answer What you're experiencing sounds totally normal. Your first period may be light. The first day is usually light and then it may be heavy for a day or two and then lighten up again. That's just in... Read More »

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Dying my hair for the first time today or soon?

Since It's your first time, wait until the weekend so if you mess up, you'll have time to fix it. Also, the stories about hair dye changing over time is not true. I have five emergency boxes of hai... Read More »

What can you buy today that will be worth a lot more in say 100 years time?

the "forever" stamps soon to be issued by the US post office.That and gasoline. There are a number of "gas hoarder" co-ops available to join, but to my knowledge you only get to use the gas you pu... Read More »

Does anyone know what time the door prises are being handed out today for the 1M PIC?

Doc, my account was toast, so I can't give you any links from it, but you did get an email with links for ICUP. I sent about 20.ICUP, if I were you, I'd go to town now.Lil, isn't that cheating? Yo... Read More »

What time does Oprah Winfrey show come on today on CBS?