What time is it in Iowa when its midnight in military time?

Answer 2400 hours. Military time isn't based on a single time zone, but utilises the same time zone in which operations are being conducted. AnswerMidnight is 0000 hours, NOT 2400 hours! And the US seems ... Read More »

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When is the latest time you can plant tomatoes in Iowa?

The prime time for planting tomato seedlings in the state of Iowa is around mid-May. However, tomatoes can be practically planted in Iowa until the 20th of June. Tomatoes will then grow until the b... Read More »

Can I collect unemployment and disability benefits at the same time in Iowa?

Yes, it's legal to collect both unemployment and social security disability benefits in Iowa if you qualify under both programs, but you must be willing and able to work and be actively seeking sui... Read More »

How to find iowa obituaties for july 2 2008 for the state of iowa?

You might look at the archives for some of the bigger newspapers in the state.

I just got my period today for the first time im 12, help please!?

What you're experiencing sounds totally normal. Your first period may be light. The first day is usually light and then it may be heavy for a day or two and then lighten up again. That's just in... Read More »