How many people live in texas today?

Answer According to the United States Census Bureau, the current population of Texas is approximately 24,782,302 residents, making Texas the second most populated state in the United States after Californ... Read More »

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Are any of you army wives if Fort hood Texas Can you tell me what happened today?

I live in DFW and I'm concerned too! Here's all I can tell you right now:…God be with those families. That's so tragic to read. The base is on lock down... Read More »

Is the dallas cowboys showing on dish network in east Texas today?

I have provided the TV codes for your Sony: 500, 810, 758, 640, 590, 690, 516, 100, 514, 578, 501, and 670. Here is the instructions for programming the remote to your TV. Remotes: Basic (Televis... Read More »

When is the best time to plant vegetables in Texas?

The best time to plant vegetables in Texas is in spring after the danger of freezing has passed, but before temperatures get blazing hot. This time window usually falls in mid-March. Planting seedl... Read More »

What is the best time to plant trees in Texas?

Fall is considered to be the best time to plant trees in Texas because tree roots will grow whenever the temperature is above 40 degrees, and mild winters give them a beneficial head start to becom... Read More »