Should I go to Sports Practice Tomorrow?

Answer Ask your coach if its ok to miss practice and if this is a school team or if it's not there should be like and athletic trainer you can talk to. At my high school we have an athletic trainer who if... Read More »

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How to Make the Most of Practice Time for Violin?

When you don't have a structured practice time, you can find yourself wasting time or walking away. This will help you to stay on task and to make the most out of your practice time. *please note t... Read More »

Taking my first aid and CPR for the first time tomorrow?

Don't worry - there's absolutely nothing to be nervous about.First, it IS a good thing to take. In many places in the country, if somebody goes into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, their cha... Read More »

What time will facebook be "destroyed" tomorrow ?

Now in Albania the time is 10:19 am and Facebook is still alive. But in America now the time is 05:19 am. Maybe the hackers are sleeping and having a good dreaming destroying the Facebook.

Going to get make up tomorrow for the first time any suggestions ?

since you are going into middle school you are still young, so i wouldn't recommend wearing too much makeup. :)mascara: if you want mascara with some color too it i would recommend maybelline one b... Read More »