Should I go to Sports Practice Tomorrow?

Answer Ask your coach if its ok to miss practice and if this is a school team or if it's not there should be like and athletic trainer you can talk to. At my high school we have an athletic trainer who if... Read More »

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What time will facebook be "destroyed" tomorrow ?

Now in Albania the time is 10:19 am and Facebook is still alive. But in America now the time is 05:19 am. Maybe the hackers are sleeping and having a good dreaming destroying the Facebook.

Any ideas of what to do in New Orleans I am going tomorrow for the first time.?

Be sure to see the park where all the artists are.Also drive up and down their streets and seethe downtown area, streets like Canal street.Mardi Gras is the ideal time to go there.-

Getting my braces done again tomorrow. What colours could i pick this time?

How to Make the Most of Practice Time for Violin?

When you don't have a structured practice time, you can find yourself wasting time or walking away. This will help you to stay on task and to make the most out of your practice time. *please note t... Read More »