Man of God please help my family it has a big problem of being suffering from being found in hospital with unknown sickness somes even the whole family at a time what can we do to get rid of this?

Answer Everyone's urine is the same temperature as their body. Normal body temperature is 98.6.

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Where can my family eat tonight?

Is bring it on in it to win it on tonight on ABC. family?

Can you guess what my family had for dinner tonight?

Spagettii,Pasta,Meat,Steak,Hamburgers,Ho… Dogs,Noodles,Sandwiches,Corn,Cake,Briske… Dogs,Mac & Cheese,Chocolate,Subway,McDonalds,Sonic,…Lasagna,Rice,Veggies,Chinese,Asian,Piz…Nachos,Shrimp,... Read More »

What should I cook for my family tonight 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWERSS :D?

Chicken aflredochickne and rice how abotu some browiens