What is the flight time from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Toronto, Canada?

Answer If you could take a direct flight from Knoxville to Toronto at an average speed of 500 knots, or around 575 miles per hour, you would arrive in one hour and one minute. For commercial travelers, Kn... Read More »

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What is the average night temperature for Knoxville?

Knoxville, Tennessee, lies in a temperate climate zone north of the Great Smoky Mountains. For 2010, the Weather Channel reported Knoxville's average nightly low temperature as 30 degrees Fahrenhei... Read More »

What President woke up two hours before sunrise to go skinny dipping?

John Quincy Adams was known to wake up two hours before sunrise to go skinny dipping. He skinny-dipped in the Potomac River. He was the sixth president of the United States, and he was the son of P... Read More »

What does NASA say about this continuous sunrise on Oct 17th 2008?

No!No!No! Absolutely not possible. Please don't be live about everything in Internet..itz just a rumour.Sunrise in India is about the same time as sunset in the US. Unless the Earth stops rotating ... Read More »

Farm Knoxville IL 61448?

The 340-acre Woodland View Farm, a stop on the Knox County Scenic Drive since 2006, is not the typical destination on the autumn tour of the western Illinois countryside. That’s what makes it so ... Read More »