What time is EL CLASSICO" i live in tx. so the time should be central?

Answer EL CLASSICO is @ 7PM CST.

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There was a hip-hop song on ESPN's college football live. It's your time it's our time it's my time get out of the way it's crunch time don't waste time. Who sings it?

If i live in switzerland and want to watch a 8/7 central show what time would i see it?

On satellite? My guess would be 2 am. It would be 1am if you're getting it from a Chicago station, though.

What time does the state of the union address begin in central standard time?

What time does the stock market open in central time?

The New York Stock Exchange opens at 9:30 a.m. EST, Monday through Friday. That is 8:30 a.m. CST. The market closes daily at 4:00 p.m. EST or 3:00 p.m. CST.Source:NYSE: Media page