What does NASA say about this continuous sunrise on Oct 17th 2008?

Answer No!No!No! Absolutely not possible. Please don't be live about everything in Internet..itz just a rumour.Sunrise in India is about the same time as sunset in the US. Unless the Earth stops rotating ... Read More »

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How does a tequila sunrise taste?

Yes, it is good. Tastes like tequila and orange juice.

Does Sunrise Assisted Living in Palo Alto have a skilled nursing unit?

The Sunrise Senior Living Home in Palo Alto, California, does not offer a skilled nursing unit, according to the official website for the long-term care facility. Sunrise of Palo Alto features only... Read More »

Does anybody actually have dinner time if so, what time is the best time for dinner?

I usually have dinner when I'm hungry !!! thats normally a good time.

What does it mean when you get your period twice a month after having sex for the first time. this has happend to me 3 times now and i had sex for the first time 3 months ago what does it mean?

Answer It means you need to ask someone to make you an appointment with a gynecologist. Even if you don't wish to tell your parents that you've had sex, you need to let someone know that your perio... Read More »