How long does the Hep B vaccination last My 12 year old son had this at birth and his school is now offering this vaccination for the grade 7s. Should he be vaccinated a 2nd time?

Answer The hepatitis vaccine consists of more than one dose. If your child did not receive the second and third in the series of vaccinations, it may be wise to revaccinate. There is no risk in revaccinat... Read More »

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What does it mean when you get your period twice a month after having sex for the first time. this has happend to me 3 times now and i had sex for the first time 3 months ago what does it mean?

Answer It means you need to ask someone to make you an appointment with a gynecologist. Even if you don't wish to tell your parents that you've had sex, you need to let someone know that your perio... Read More »

What time of year is the right time to trim an out-of-control bush?

You should keep it trimmed up so that there's always unobstructed access.You really don't want him getting a branch in the face. There's nothing more irritating than having a leaf caught in the bac... Read More »

What should you be doing in the garden at this time of year?

That depends on where you live. Where I am, we have been having temperatures well below freezing. So, now, we are taking down the greenhouse, wrapping up the hoses and digging up the last of our on... Read More »

What were you doing this time last year?

How funny! This time last year was my last week of pregnancy too! Lately I find myself thinking back on that time and the peacefulness of it all. I definitely did my fair share of complaining too =... Read More »