What time does the stock exchange bell ring?

Answer The New York Stock Exchange rings the bell twice a day, at the opening of trading and at the close of the trading day. The opening bell is rung at 9:30 am EDT and the closing bell is rung at 4:00 p... Read More »

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Can you ring a bell?

Why is it customary to ring the bell for dinner?

The ringing of bells has always provided a means of drawing attention to a particular event that is about to take place. Using this method to notify the family that dinner is about to be served did... Read More »

When A.G.Bell invented the telephone who did he ring?

That's elementary.. he rang Watson. (Not to confuse you with Sherlock Holmes' associate, Watson.)

Will a door bell ring if its wires are crossed?

According to Popular Mechanics, crossing the wires of a doorbell is a quick fix for a bad doorbell button and will restore the ring. Doorbells are low-voltage home appliances and do not require a ... Read More »