How Much Hair Does the Average Person Lose Daily?

Answer Everyone experiences a certain amount of hair loss each day----fallen hair usually shows the most in the shower drain or in between the teeth of a comb. Many people worry that they shed too much ha... Read More »

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What does the average person spend on gum in a life time?

Hey good question! I would guess $60.00 a year times 60 years so maybe $3600.00 a lifetime?

Does anyone here wake naturally on a daily basis?

Humans are creatures of habit, and you have already trained yourself to wake at the same time with or without your alarm. You have other activities that have become "scheduled" as well such as eat... Read More »

What does the average daily temperature mean?

The average daily temperature is the average or "mean" temperature derived from adding the daily temperatures over a set number of days and dividing that sum by the number of days.Source:NOAA: Aver... Read More »

Is a person a bad person if he or she does not enjoy spending time with their family?

i don't think so because the person might want time alone