What does the average American have in savings?

Answer Per a 2006 article in the Washington Post, the typical American family only had $3,800 in the bank, typically with no retirement plan. Those that do have retirement plans only have $35,000 set asid... Read More »

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What does the average American pay in income taxes?

According to the Tax Foundation, the average American paid 28.2 percent of their wages to income taxes in 2009. This took 103 days to pay off--or until April 13 of the tax year. However, this varie... Read More »

What Does the Average American Spend on Clothing?

The average American spends about $1,886 on clothing per household each year. This is based on government studies, such as the Consumer Expenditure Survey (2005-2007), conducted by the U.S. Bureau ... Read More »

What does an average American funeral cost?

The cost of an American funeral falls within a fairly wide range, from $5,000 on the low side to $10,000 dollars on the high end. While the average is about $6,500, the cost of the burial plot, flo... Read More »

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