What Happens If You Fall On The Railway Track Or The Underground Track?

Answer It all depends.If there is a third rail (the raised rail next to the normal rail) and you touch THIS one, you WILL dieIf there are only two rails, then you may well get run over, but not electrocut... Read More »

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RHH: What are your top 15 *underground* albums of all time?

1. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein2. L’Roneous da Versifier - Imaginarium3. Prince Paul - A Prince Among Thieves4. Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus5. Antipop Consortium - Arrhythmia6. Freestyle Fellows... Read More »

If its six o'clock in the morning in Colorado what time would it be in San Francisco if you took a hour flight?

Six o'clock in the morning. CA is one hour behind. If you take off in CO at 6:00, it's 5:00 in CA. One hour later would be 6:00. However, note that the actual flight takes about 2.5 hours.

What is the Bankruptcy Length of Time Until the Final Use of Credit?

If you know you are going to file bankruptcy, you might believe you can run up your unsecured lines of credit because you can discharge most of it anyway. Unfortunately, many debtors fall for this ... Read More »

What is the bankruptcy length of time until the final use of credit?

Credit used 60 days prior to filing a motion of bankruptcy in U.S. Court will be considered as nondischargeable. Additionally, using a credit card after consulting an attorney to file bankruptcy ma... Read More »