Is it ok for me to sit on Santa's lap at the mall?

Answer YES! And I have the perfect Santa for you. Find this'll like him!…

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Where's the best place to eat in Santa Monica, California?

FuRaibo on Sawtelle is the best Japanese food. You have to try out their teba saki.

Is Santa Monica a good place for summer vacation?

The beach is as fun as you make it. Clean? well I don't know if there is such a thing nowadays.It's ok as far as being suitable for swimming. It's not emerald blue Hawaiian waters in case you're wo... Read More »

Under 18 clubs in San Jose or Santa Cruz(i know category isn't in the right place)?

Those simply do not exist. There are clubs that are usually 21+ that will let 18 to 20 year old people in on Sunday's and Saturdays.Unless your Definition of "club" is different then mine. Then try... Read More »

I don't have photo shop, is there a place on line where I can add a Santa cap to my avatar?

Last time i did i was reported for spam....I put mine on at photobucket.