The airforce installation emergency management program has three primary mission the first mission is a save live what is another primary mission?

Answer To minimize the loss or degradation of resources

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What does"viejo"mean in English?

"Viejo" is a Spanish word that, when translated into English, means "old." It can be used as a noun and an adjective and translated in a range of ways, including the elder generation, an old person... Read More »

How does the ISAF mission differ from OEF's mission?

ISAF focuses on stabilization and security and OEF focuses on Counter-terrorism

What is the mission number of the last space shuttle mission?

What was the mission of the Columbia's first mission?

Space Shuttle Columbia's (OV-102) first operational mission (though it was her fifth overall), STS-5 (Astronaut Vance D. Brand Commanding), was a satellite deployment, experiment, and EVA mission f... Read More »