A good curfew for a 13 year old on the weekends?

Answer I think about 11:00 p.m. on school nights it should be at 10:00

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When is the deadline for property taxes in Elko, Nevada?

Taxes in Elko County, Nevada, are due on the first Monday in August each year. If your tax bill is more than $100, however, you can pay it in four installments. For 2010 taxes, the installment date... Read More »

What is an acceptable time to mow your lawn on weekends?

I live in a subdivision and most of us wait until at least 9am before cranking up the mowers. I'm like you though, I want to start earlier, but understand it might anger some of my neighbors so I w... Read More »

I'm looking for a part time job on weekends. I am 13 years old! I need some money for a school trip?

Cleaning Jobs Kids 13 years old can help friends and relatives with big cleaning jobs. For example, an adult who has put off cleaning a garage, an attic or even a large closet may respond to... Read More »

Dr Phil What can I do about my finacees grown daughter calling constantly while he is at my home weekends it gets very agrivating and interupts our time together so what can I do?