What time does American Idol play?

Answer it usually plays at eight o'clock

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What time does gossip girl play on direct tv?

i am pretty sure that the new season of gossip girl which has just started in usa is at 9 pm

What chords does Kendall play in stuck by Big Time Rush?

How much time does it take to play a hockey game?

Ice hockey games are allotted 60 minutes of timed play, split up into three 20-minute periods per regulation. There are break periods after each play period that last 15 minutes. Additionally, each... Read More »

Does a guitar need to be tuned each time you play it after storing it overnight?

You should take care to tune your guitar in advance every time you intend on playing it. This is necessary to ensure that the desired sound quality is attained. You should also re-tune it each time... Read More »