What time does the Magic Kingdom close in Disney World?

Answer The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World closes at different times throughout the year. The time the park closes depends on how busy it is expected to be. The schedule can be found on the official Wa... Read More »

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What is the network of underground tunnels called under Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World?

The tunnels located under the Magic Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World are known as the "Utilidor" tunnel system and the "Magic Kingdom Tunnel." In the Magic Kingdom, the tunnels aren't actual... Read More »

How much is it to stay in the Magic Kingdom Castle at Walt Disney World?

Although the estimated cost of a night in the suite at the Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle is about $587 per night, the park does not actually sell nights in the princess-friendly space.Source:... Read More »

What is the size of Disney World Magic Kingdom?

Disney's Magic Kingdom Park, part of Disney World, which is located near Orlando, Florida, covers about 107 acres or 0.16 square mile. The area is separated into seven themed "lands" including Mick... Read More »

Disney World Magic Kingdom Hotels?

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is one of the largest resort areas in the world. Complete with four theme parks, two water parks, two shopping and entertainment areas and 24 hotels, Walt Dis... Read More »