Can you replant a grapevine?

Answer Grapevines can be replanted. The root of a plant is one of its most important features, so dig up the entire grapevine with as much of the root as possible, and replant it at the same depth into th... Read More »

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Structure of a Grapevine?

The most obvious parts of a grapevine are the clusters of grapes and their accompanying tendrils. Many more parts go into the production of these tasty treats. Spring budding leads to annual harves... Read More »

The Best Grapevine Fertilizer?

Grapes are successful in home plantings with the right soil, sun and water, and provide harvests for up to 50 years. These plants require some very specific conditions, though, including long, hot ... Read More »

How do I root a grapevine from a cutting?

Cut a section of healthy vine from last year's growth with two to four buds. Prepare a small pot or flat of moist vermiculite, perlite or sand 6 to 8 inches deep to receive the cutting. Insert the ... Read More »

How to Do the Grapevine Step in Clogging?

This clogging step is so much fun to do!