Do Circuit City gift cards lose value over time?

Answer Yes, Circuit City gift cards lose value. One year after purchasing the Circuit City gift card a service charge of $2 will be deducted from the card value each month.Source:CircuitCity.comMore Infor... Read More »

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Could a handheld elec sanding device operated very close to the circuit board of a mw oven create a lg enough electmag field that it could activate the circuit board and turn on the ovens?

What is used to open&close a circuit?

A switch opens or closes a circuit. The switch is a piece of wire. When the switch is open, there isn't a loop (circuit) and electrical energy won't move through the circuit.

Circuit City rip-off?

It could take up to 3 months..If it is a Circuit City rebate you can call your local CC and ask for the rebate center's number and you can call that number and ask any questions you have.

Which is better best buy or circuit city?