Restaurants Serving Only Breakfast & Lunch in Norfolk, Virginia?

Answer Norfolk is located in the Chesapeake Bay region of southeastern Virginia. The city is approximately 10 miles west of Virginia Beach and 25 miles north of the North Carolina state border. Norfolk of... Read More »

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What kind of gravy does carls jr use?

If Carls Jr and Norms are restaurants, I would suggest you post re-post your question to the "Dining-Out" Category under your "Country" and "State" and/or closest "listed City". You could also ju... Read More »

Do you think that Denny's should start serving an Octomom breakfast platter?

Hahahahaha! Good one. I am a sever at Denny's and that was very funny! Ima tell all my coworkers about this. The "OctoSlam!"

What time does UPS stop delivering?

According to the UPS website, they make deliveries Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. If you haven't received your package by 7 p.m., you may have to wait until the next business day to re... Read More »

What time does stock trading stop?

The New York Stock Exchange sounds the bell to end trading at 4:00 PM Eastern Time each day (with the exception of certain holidays), as does the NASDAQ stock market. After-hours trading has become... Read More »