Illinois Central Electric Trains?

Answer The Metra Electric line is the only commuter rail that runs off electricity. It starts at Millennium Station and runs through Chicago and the Chicago suburbs. Metra has three service lines. Zone fa... Read More »

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Why is my train not called late by central trains when it is 14 minutes behind the timetable?

I am also a Signaller with Network Rail and I can vouch for the OB kings explanation on this matter. However, for you, the passenger, to be told that a train is not late when it clearly is, is an ... Read More »

How to Calculate Family Medical and Leave Act Leave Time Used?

Calculating Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave time used can be difficult. When you add in factors like mandatory overtime and mid-shift starts, calculations become extremely difficult. Here's a... Read More »

What time does the state of the union address begin in central standard time?

Is it more economical to leave the central heating on low all night than having it coming on in the morning?

It is always cheaper and saves money to turn the heat down, a little or a lot, for a long time or a short time. Heat loss, and heat exchange, the physics, are such that the rate of heat loss is dir... Read More »