If I was killed today crossing the road what could I sue the driver for?

Answer Since she killed you, I guess you could sue her for "early resurrection into a worthless world and not a Paradise."Be careful Bro. I wouldn't want you to go before me.

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Some people want to have fun on the Nintendo DS game, Animal Crossing Wild World. You could open a hotel, and meet all sorts of people. Here is how you make one.

Why do buses stop AND open the door before crossing every railroad track?

I drive A bus for a living,and these are the reasons why:We need to make sure that their are no trains coming down the line.We open the door because sometimes the passengers are making a lot of noi... Read More »

Can you get jetleg when crossing 1 time zone?

It could I suppose, but I would think it is more a lack of sleep and just being tired and all...

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