What time do fast-food restaurants close in las vegas?

Answer It depends on the location and the restaurant. Some places on the strip or Fremont Street may never close. Other places in the City of Las Vegas may be open until about 11pm or they may be 24/7. ... Read More »

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What time does bars and restaurants close?

It depends what city or canton you are in. In Geneva for example the law stipulate that restaurants can be opened from 4am to 12am, but can have the authorization to open +2hrs during Fri-Sat-Sun a... Read More »

What fast food restaurants accept ebt in hollywood,ca.?

NONE,EBT is not to be used for fast food or any restaurant food. It can only legally be used for groceries. Food you must take home and prepare. Not precooked food that is ready to eat.I am amazed... Read More »

What are some restaurants that deliver (not fast food i.e. pizza)?

Chinese.........kind of depends on where you live

How do you eat low carb at fast food restaurants?

Foods like lean meats, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and beans are naturally low in carbohydrates. A healthy diet balances carbohydrate consumption with appropriate portion sizes, calories and fat in... Read More »