What time are you legally allowed to light a fire in your Garden?

Answer Each local governing body makes that determination. Are you thinking of a bonfire for fun or burning garden debris? Either way, contact your local police department or department of public works fo... Read More »

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What time are construction workers legally allowed to start making noise in the morning in a residential area?

I think 7 am is allowed, and not later than 11.00pm at night.

Do you need any type of licence to light a fire in your back garden in the UK.?

You do not need a licence because you're not allowed to burn rubbish in your back garden. If you do light a fire intentionally and my colleges and myself from the Fire Service ar called out to put... Read More »

Are you allowed to legally take steroids if you work on the railway?

Is a person with Down's Syndrome legally allowed to drive?

If the person obtains a driver's license, he or she is legally allowed to drive. Given that there are various levels of Down syndrome, the ability to pass the testing requirements will vary from p... Read More »