What three types of activity are needed for a healthy heart?

Answer Cardiovascular exercise, a healthy diet and a proper amount of sleep every day can lead to a healthier heart.Cardiovascular ActivityThe cardiovascular system is composed of the heart, blood and blo... Read More »

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Any suggestions for a heart SHAPED, heart HEALTHY Valentine's Day dinner?

Hope you get this in time!Can you cut a heart with a sharp knife? Then, take your favorite cut of lean meat, like a fillet of steak, and cut it into a heart shape. Put it on a chopping board and ... Read More »

Can a lot of anxiety and stress cause a heart attack in a person with a healthy heart?

I am the same exact way. I have been experiencing panic/anxiety attacks for a little more than a year. It is one of the scariest feelings in the world when you think something is wrong with your he... Read More »

Can a healthy heart have a heart attack?

A healthy heart cannot have a heart attack. Most heart attacks are caused by blood clots that block the flow of fresh blood into the heart. This cuts off the heart's supply of oxygen-rich blood, wh... Read More »

Fast heart beat from minor activity?