What three rivers did the oregon trail follow?

Answer The Oregon Trail followed the River Platte on the eastern side of the Continental Divide and the Snake and Columbia Rivers on the western side. The 19th century trail left from Independence, Missou... Read More »

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What Rivers Did Lewis and Clark Follow?

Lewis and Clark began their expedition traveling down the Ohio River before traveling up the Mississippi River and connecting with the Missouri River near St. Louis. The crew continued on smaller r... Read More »

What is the Oregon Trail?

For many years, the Oregon Trail was the only practical route for people to travel to the western United States. Pioneers traveled this corridor to settle in what are now the states of Washington,... Read More »

What Are the Three Rivers on the Kansas Map?

The state of Kansas contains three major navigable rivers: the Missouri, the Kansas and the Arkansas rivers. While the Kansas River flows into the Missouri, the Arkansas and Missouri rivers are tri... Read More »

What states did the oregon trail go through?

The Oregon Trail, the major travel route overland in North America to the Pacific from the 1830s to the 1860s, started in Missouri. It passed through what is now Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming ... Read More »