What three base colors do monitors use to compose all other colors?

Answer Computer monitors display images by mixing various amounts of red, green and blue light together to make all the other colors---hence, the name RGB monitor. All computer monitors are RGB monitors.S... Read More »

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Three colors mixed together within the CRT to produce all other colors?

Yes this is true. Red Cyan/GreenBlue

What is the best set-up for three monitors on a desktop computer?

The best way to run triple monitors is with one of ATI's Eyefinity video cards. That would be a Displayport-equipped version of the ATI HD5000- or HD6000-series.The only catch is that the third mo... Read More »

What is the purpose of using three monitors simultaneously?

This benefits people that multitask. I do software development and have dual screens on most machines that I work with. Occasionally having a third screen would be nice, but I can generally get b... Read More »

What are the 3 basic colors that computer monitors transmit?

The colours are "Primary" not basic, they are Red, Green & Blue.On a monitor, or a TV, these are additive colours. The three primary colours are added to each other in controlled quantities on scre... Read More »