What this on my foot?

Answer Hi,That looks like a really bad cut and yes it is swollen.Don't put on any shoes.Wipe the area clean and then apply some vaseline on the entire area.Vaseline will reduce the swelling, ease the pain... Read More »

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What is this on my foot?

With the warmer weather coming in it could be caused by sweat from wearing tight socks or even shoes. I know each year when it gets warm outside I can not wear any leather shoes or sneakers that ar... Read More »

Why and what is this arch pain in my foot?

Well my first thought was that you pulled a muscle in your arch, but you said it wasn't tender to the touch. And that you would definitely feel massaging it. You could have dislocated a bone in t... Read More »

What about this design for a tattoo on my foot?

it is super cute.... i like it, its not to boring but not to flashey either

When dealing with cancer what is is this syndrome called hand/foot?

Palmar0Plantar Erythrodsesthesia. It is a side effect of some types of chemo. Small amts of chemo leaks out of the capillaries in the hands and feet.Your doctor should know of any and all change... Read More »