GUYS: biggest turn ons & turn offs for a girl ?

Answer I like it when a girl is nice to me/flirts with me/shows that she likes me. I hate it when a girl acts like a "b" word, has an attitude, is rude, and is contantly putting me down. Please rate if th... Read More »

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Guys only answer: are these a turn on, a turn off, or neutral?

Personally, I;m not in to body hair--on women or on myself. However, full pubic hairs is a BIG turn on. It grosses me out when it is going all over the place, or when it is completely trimmed. I... Read More »

Girls: guys with piercings turn on or turn off?

deff a TURN ON!!!!but deff depends on the guy.if they are some ugly lil scrub ewlll.but if they are some hot sexy scene guy thenfriiick yes its a turn on! (:

Guys, what are some automatic turn ons and turn offs?

For turn on's: (because men are primarily visual creatures) Lingerie, sexy sweet nothings, short skirts/shorts, shirts that expose a lot of cleavage- preferably very loose so when you bend over we ... Read More »

Turn ons and Turn offs for guys?

I'm 14 so yeah... xDTurn Offs:Sluts that wear short clothingBitchyLazy ._.Super short hair that makes them look like a lesbianTurn Ons:Girls that are themselves and not trying to be someone they ar... Read More »