What things in the house need to be childproofed?

Answer Answer Drawers and cabinets, both to prevent the child from getting possible dangerous things out of them, but to prevent them from pulling the items or drawers down on top of themselves. Anythin... Read More »

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We Childproofed our home...But they keep getting in anyway. What should we try next?

lol. same here, but we gave up on the childproofing idea. I guess if you can't fight them you might as well join them.We'll just let them trash the place for now and not buy anything expensive. ... Read More »

Has any one seen the direct tv advertisments to buy rich mens systems promising to get you a cheep house better creditand wounderous things if you buy there system of doing things bunk they get rich y?

Things to Look for When Looking at a Used House?

A luscious green lawn, a fresh coat of crisp paint and a new carpet may initially distract home buyers when inspecting a used home. Buyers typically view 15 homes before making a purchasing decisi... Read More »

How to Sneak Things Into Your House?

If you like Energy drinks, or other things you aren't allowed to have, its not very hard to sneak them in... That is if you're careful!