What things could cause the mother to lose custody to the father?

Answer The factors used to determine that a parent is unfit are generally governed by state laws with child endangerment being the determining factor. The following include some of the reasons a parent ma... Read More »

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If the mother has sole physical custody and shares joint legal custody with the father the two never married if the mother dies can her husband who is not the baby's biological father assume custody?

Biological Father Gets Custody No, unless the baby's biological father relenquishes his parental rights, he would get custody of the child if the mother dies, not her husband. The biological father... Read More »

Can mother lose custody to father if child fails in school?

Can a father lose custody if he is accused of using drugs in the past by mother of child?

Answerto be honst it all depends im in rolled @ Bryant&stratton for crimanl justice nd think she woul need prof of you using drugs and ifyou wanted you can voltier to take a drug test just to make ... Read More »

Can an unwed mother lose custody of her baby to the biological father if there is no negligence on her part?

Difficult, but yes. In most cases, the state will take the child as single fathers have no assumed parental rights. see link