What things are used to produce an iphone?

Answer Put a different sim in it and connect it to itunes

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What butterfly is used to produce ink pigment?

Butterfly wings contain pigment, but they are not used to produce ink. No crushing, cooking, juicing and mashing procedures have yielded usable ink butterflies. The pigment in the wings is not even... Read More »

What is a cyclotron, and how used to produce radioactive material in medicine?

A cyclotron is a particle accelerator which uses alternating current to accelerate protons at high velocities in a circular path until they reach an end exit point, where they leave the device in a... Read More »

What acid is used to produce sodium lauryl sulfate?

The synthetic procedure for sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as sodium dodecyl sulfate) involves combining lauryl alcohol with sulfuric acid. The addition of a base, such as sodium hydroxide or so... Read More »

In photosynthesis, what is the immediate source of energy used to produce a proton gradient?

The immediate source of energy used to produce a proton gradient in photosynthesis are electrons produced from the bacteriorhodopsin. The gradient then powers an ATP pump. The bacteriorhodopsin is ... Read More »