What thick skinned fruit with seeds is often used in salads?

Answer The grapefruit is a thick-skinned fruit with seeds that is often used in salads. Segments of the tart citrus fruit are added as an ingredient to contrast with the creamy texture of avocado or chees... Read More »

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What is the name of a Spanish pepper often used in salads or can be stuffed?

How often do you eat salads?

when ever my mom buys it.. but last time she didnt get ranch dressing:( i was so sad. lol

For the black men, Why do dark skinned women have to compete so hard with light skinned women?

First and foremost I am not a Black Man but I am a dark-skinned women and this is what I think of it. I think its mind over matter. As a dark-skinned women, I have learned that its really not a com... Read More »

How often are animals really skinned alive in China?

You ask about animals in general, so those would include animals used for both food and fur. Videos of dogs, snakes and fish being skinned alive can be easily found online. If we were to just loo... Read More »