What therapies are there for cancer patients?

Answer Cancer is a serious disease that can strike many different parts of the body and is caused by abnormal tissue cells that divide and spread quickly and destroy normal cells. Doctors use several kind... Read More »

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Does anyone else find it closed minded that people promoting alternate therapies for cancer patients ...?

There is a way to address this issue . . I usually just ignore it, but if it bothers you than try asking the same question that this person has . . and opening it up for all to answer . . if you ar... Read More »

Do cancer patients lose there pubic hair when they go through kemo?

Not all chemotherapy regimes cause hair loss; some just cause hair thinning, and some don't cause hair loss at all.Chemo that causes hair loss can cause hair loss anywhere on the body. Some people ... Read More »

Any breast cancer/chemo patients out there near the end or over treatment I am not even half way through?

I can appreciate very much how you are feeling, having cancer is no picnic and either is the chemo and/or radiation one must endure. My best advice is to turn to family & friends for support, that... Read More »

Why is it that cancer patients have to shave all there hair off, only I've never quite understood why?

No patient or doctor advice shaving of hair of the cancer patients at all. The hair fall is one of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment given for the patients. Some chemotherapy drugs cause h... Read More »