What theme does the elder sister convey?

Answer Yes, social services/child services/disability social services can provide financial grants to people with disabled children for equipment. If not, there are lots of charities online that offer the... Read More »

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What was the name of Paul Klee's elder sister?

It is Chaachaa. While addressing him, it would be chaachaaji as a mark of respect.

Can a sister in law's daughter have sex with her elder sister's husband?

Assuming that the new parent and his cousin are first-cousins, the newborn daughter is the cousin's first-cousin once removed.

Is elder brother always necessarily right when he try to be protective of little sister or dislike her boyfriend or stop her from dating?

Her name is Lisa Jayne ( Whose surname i will not mention).She is Auntie to at least 9 and I'm sure we will all agree she is 1 in a million.i live with her and we have a stronger bond than anyone e... Read More »

My mum and sister argue all the time and my sister does bad stuff I can't stand it because my mum has a lot on her plate with my nan and grandad and I am really worried so what should I do?

Believe it or not I am in a very similar situation. I know it's hard because you see your mother being stressed and hurt by things your sister is doing. And you really just want her to be happy. Th... Read More »