Just like people donate Blood, Can a human donate Insulin?

Answer Insulin used to be made from the pancreases of slaughtered pigs and cows. To get insulin from you, they'd have to take out your pancreas, which would not be good for you. You can't extract it from... Read More »

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Do you donate blood If yes, why If not, why?

if you needed blood and there was none available, you might die. if everyone gives blood when they can, then everyone will have blood available when they need it.

How to Donate Blood?

Thank you, Anonymous donorEvery minute of every day, someone needs blood. That blood can only come from a volunteer donor, a person like you who makes the choice to donate.Here is what you can do t... Read More »

Is It Bad To Donate Blood If You Have A Tattoo?

I am pretty sure they won't let you donate for 6 months. You could call and ask first, but they will definitely ask during the questionnaire.(It is just in case your tattoo artist did something and... Read More »

Does anyone know why I'm not allowed to donate blood?

I adore you dear friend.I was given nitro once and I thought my head would explode.My drug of choice is Adenosine, when I am tachy that is a wonder drug. When I was pregnant I couldn't get it and ... Read More »