What the minimium tread should be on your tyres?

Answer Answer 2 mm

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What is minimium wage?

Minimum wage is a salary at which an employee may earn. It's the minimum at which the employer may pay the worker and the employee may sell services. The minimum wage laws are a subject of contenti... Read More »

Is it illegal to burn car tyres at the bottom of your garden?

What does BLT or BLK on tires (tyres) stand for?

Those letters relate to the sidewall.BLT = Black sidewalls - raised black lettersBSW = Black sidewalls - raised white lettersCan't find anything on BLK.

Chalk lines on new tyres?

They are used by tire maker at the at the manufacturing plant for a wide verity of indicators. However, these indicators and markings are not universal. Each manufacturer could have their own ser... Read More »