I want to back up everything on my PC but I don't want to backup to CDs, any recommendations?

Answer I prefer drives that work - like Seagate. You can get their 500GB Barracuda for a little over $100 for the internal drive, and a USB box to convert it to an external drive for about $15. (Or the ... Read More »

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Everything on my screen is huge i want to be smaller what do i do?

Right click on the desktop, click on "properties" (or "personalize") and go to your "screen" settings.. INCREASE the resolution until desired results. Increasing the resolution on your screen will ... Read More »

I am seriously depressed, I do not want to live another moment. What can I do Everything hurts?

You may have to start over. Sometimes we have to do that to learn from our mistakes. Life is too important to let anything or anyone get us down. What ever it takes to get over your depression; ... Read More »

I want to delete everything how?

K!go to -control panelclick on-Add or remove programsthen click on the thing u want to delete then its gone!!chose me as best anwser plz!! peace love and hope

How to Get Everything You Want in Life?

The biggest drag in life seems to be when routine sets in and you lose all sense of purpose. What makes this even worse is when chaos sets in from some area of life, such as with finances, and caus... Read More »