What the life span been born with barth syndrome?

Answer From my experience being a good aunt to a newborn is about being a good support to the parents. No sleep, a lot of pain and short fuzes will lead to a high stress environment for the parents and th... Read More »

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What is the life span of a concrete pool with proper care?

Answer In general, the typical gunnite built-in pool will last a good 30-40 years before any significant re-work to the pool itself is usually needed. Given proper care and maintanence, there is no... Read More »

What is life like for an adult with autism or Asperger's Syndrome?

Answer I have Aspergers and I wrote this article not long ago. It may give you an idea of what it's like to have Aspergers, which is on the spectrum. I have a blog about living with Aspergers, if y... Read More »

What is the life expectancy for a baby with dandy walker syndrome?

My daughter was diagnosed with Dandy Walker syndrome when she was 5. She is now a young woman of 36. Her shunt has been replaced once since the first one. And has borne 6 children!

How many babies are born with Patau Syndrome in a day?

Hemophilia is an X-linked recessive disease which means the disease can manifest only if the genes on both chromosomes are affected. As males have only one X chromosome the disease always manifests... Read More »