What the hell is wrong with this stupid thing?

Answer It's just not that into you.

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Why the hell do people get mad and answer in a rude and stupid way when it comes to help with a camera?

Because...sometimes we get extremely frustrated by constant, repetitive and inane questions from some people. Like..."How do I turn the flash On/Off on my camera?" or"How do I charge by camera batt... Read More »

What the hell's wrong with my pc?

sounds like your graphics card has popped ..... maybe it's shorted or just up and died .... or maybe it's just suffering from "chip creep" where the card just slightly creeps out of the slot it sit... Read More »

What the hell is wrong with the world?

OMG. I read that whole article and I about cried for that little girl. I hope those boys get put into their place good and hard. I also commend that little girl for having the courage to tell her m... Read More »

What the hell is wrong with my finger :/ ?

Umm you should go to a doctor I'm pretty sure you only have a couple more hours to keep that finger since numbness means no blood circulation it couldn't hurt to try it