What the hell is 'facebook' is it like myspace?

Answer Facebook is like MySpace but is safer and is confined to only people you definitely know. Predators don't really get anywhere on Facebook and anonymous users aren't given an inch. It's much better ... Read More »

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What are some websites like facebook and myspace?

What are some websites like facebook or myspace?

www.teenspot.comit even has chatrooms SO much fun

What do you think of people who put up pictures like this on their facebook/myspace/bebo ?

What does it matter what we think? We're just words on a screen. People can post whatever they feel comfortable with on those sites, assuming it doesn't breach any rules or regulations. It's just t... Read More »

Do you like Myspace or Facebook?

I don't use either, they are a complete waste of my time. That's just me though.