What the hell is a blue tooth anyway?

Answer well bluethooth is the wireless technology that is use on phones when you are driving to keep you form being on the phone is the think that alot of people use that look like a headset but on one si... Read More »

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Can you add blue tooth to a mp3 player that has not blue tooth capabilities?

yes, blu-ray discs are scratch proof, they can last way longer than dvds. but blu-ray discs can fingerprint.

Wisdom tooth agony hell. help me!!!?

i am not going to give here any better answers than what you probably have read so far, but I guess I am going to give a list of possible TODO's to hit the night of the pain.NO MATTER WHAT YOU MUS... Read More »

Wisdom tooth hurts like hell?

I had terrible pain in the right side of my mouth. I figured it was wisdom tooth, because they were starting to come in. Turns out, I needed a root canal on one of my back molars.

My wisdom tooth is starting to pop inside and it hurts like hell?

You need to take that out! Go to a dentist. If your can't afford to get it taken out, get an xray And ask for a pain prescription. Should help mean while.