What the hell does this mean You may not cross a single broken white (or yellow) line. When to do so would ..?

Answer Improperly edited. Your statement should be just one sentence. Properly written it should say:"You may not cross a single broken white (or yellow) line when to do so would interfere with other tra... Read More »

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My pc is very slow during start up, a white, wide broken line at the lower portion of the black screen slowly?

You need more information. I would first connect this computer of yours to a different monitor. If the problem persists, then I believe that may be damaged hardware and you may have to... I'm guess... Read More »

My computer screen turned yellow....the white is yellow....and i cant change it back ....whats wrong with it..?

Check the cable connection from your monitor to the computer. If it is not connected properly it can cause your screen to change colors trust me.

How to Cross-Pollinate for Yellow Raspberries?

Botanically, yellow or golden raspberries are considered to be albino red raspberries possessing the same sweet tart flavor of the deep red fruits but are slightly more delicate when ripe. There ar... Read More »

What is a cross between a yellow& zucchini squash called?

The cross between a yellow, or summer, squash and a zucchini is called a Burpee's Golden Zucchini. The squash has the bright yellow color of the summer squash with the flavor of a zucchini.Source:M... Read More »