What the heck is wrong with my headphones I hear alien noises?

Answer Your headphones are probably damaged. Borrow someone else's and check whether or not you can reproduce that problem.

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What noises do you hear when a train derails?

The initial sound would likely be a noise as the wheels leave the rails and land on the wooden ties. After that, there probably be loud rapid bumping and pounding as the wheels bounce along the tie... Read More »

I hear noises in my attic late at night & throughout the day. Is it squirrels or rats or both?

both and maybe bats and who knows what elsego up there and clean it out! make needed repairs to keep them out or get rid of them

I can hear scuffling noises running around in my loft, sometimes sounds like in my walls as well?

Hi Scooby. It will be a squrrel, i bet ye

The headphone jack on your computer cuts in and out. There is nothing wrong with your headphones as it happens no matter what headphones you use in the computer. What is wrong and how do you fix it?

Step 1. Throw your headphones out the windoes Step 2. Go to the store and buy a new pair Step 3. Open the box and watch the magic happen