What the heck is the point for certain shows to be in High Def?

Answer I don't know, but Cash Cab is AWESOME!!!

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What the heck is the point of this answer thing?

Don't Question Yahoo!!!!!They Will Come For You!!!

Why petrol has low flash point and high auto ignition point than diesel?

the higher self ignition temperature of the petrol is due to the low density than the diesel. as density = pressure / (R* temperature) R= universal gas constant. ex. hydrogen (gas) has density ... Read More »

How can I purchase Cd's of certain Oprah Winfrey shows?

I belive hillary gets her own talk show and will is the producer but by the end of the show Hillary's talk show moves th New York City!

How to Find the Tangent of a Curve at a Certain Point?

The tangent line to a curve at a point is a straight line that goes through the point and has the same slope as the instantaneous slope of the function at that point. Most standard non-linear funct... Read More »