What the heck is the point for certain shows to be in High Def?

Answer I don't know, but Cash Cab is AWESOME!!!

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What the heck is the point of this answer thing?

Don't Question Yahoo!!!!!They Will Come For You!!!

Why petrol has low flash point and high auto ignition point than diesel?

the higher self ignition temperature of the petrol is due to the low density than the diesel. as density = pressure / (R* temperature) R= universal gas constant. ex. hydrogen (gas) has density ... Read More »

My DVD/CD-ROM drive is not working. When I go to device manager it shows a yellow exalmation point next it. =(?

the driver for your dvd rom is missingyou need to reinstall a driver either from compaq's package which you can download online or get a driver from windows by allowing the computer to search onlin... Read More »

How to Lubricate a High Point C9?

The model C9 is a semi-automatic pistol manufactured by the High Point firearms company. Designed with a polymer frame and steel slide, the C9 is chambered to fire the 9 mm round of ammunition. Bas... Read More »